Cape Town Art Fair

13-18 February 2018

CT Art Fair

Location: CTICC & The Yard @ Silo

13-18 February 16:00-23:00

CT Art Fair will be hosting an afterhours hub at Silo. Visitors from the CTICC event will be able to congregate in the district for networking. Restaurants will operate as normal – we do however encourage activations such as wine tastings etc.

The team from CTAF will bring in 3 containers as shown in the attached, and will host a series of short films in the container curated by various contemporary artists – this is not a sit down film – but more 5 minute films.

There will be ambient music in the district (unlike Silo Concerts) to add to the energy and atmosphere.


021 872 0697
181 Silo Street,
Waterfront, Cape Town