A restaurant born from a fusion of cultures

Abigail Bisogno is a woman well regarded for her tasteful flair and joie de vivre.  Her inspiration for The Yard came from her love for diversity and culture, with the restaurant becoming a collision of cultures between East and West.

“My heritage is so important to me. I grew up on a farm, where we ate farm-to-fork style and learnt to live sustainably off the land. That said, I’ve traveled the world extensively, with one of my favorite destinations being India. I particularly adore the colours, spices and flavours of the food, and wanted to combine my past with this passion”.

It’s this mindset that has driven Abigail to create a locally-focused restaurant placed within such an international setting that is the Silo District. The unique food and retail destination that she has created combines her roots with her love for diversity and culture.

Abigail Bisogno

Founder of Spice Route Destination & former Director as Foschini Group, her experience in retail and dining is unprecedented. Bring together her knowledge from both successful business to to create this unique experience at The Yard.